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    Cancer Treatments

    The treatment of cancer is adapted according to each situation. Indeed, each patient with cancer is a special case and requires appropriate care.

    The choice of a treatment or a combination of treatments depends on several factors, the most important of which are:

        the type of cancer
        the degree of cancer extension
        the presence of other possible diseases
        the age of the person
        the general condition of the person

    What are the different treatments for cancer?
    There are different cancer treatments used alone or in combination with each other:

        new "targeted" treatments

    The choice of these treatments and the order in which they are administered must be made by a multidisciplinary medical team.
    Is there a miracle drug against cancer?

    There is no miracle cure for cancer and thanks to our knowledge, we can also say that the answer to cancer will never come from a single miracle pill, for several reasons that we present in this article.
    Cancer treatments: a little vocabulary ...
    In order to fully understand the purpose of a cancer treatment and what can reasonably be expected, a number of medical terms must be explained. Thus, we distinguish treatments:

        curatives that hope for a definitive cure
        palliative in order to slow down or even stop for a certain time the evolution of the disease

    Do not confuse palliative and palliative care.

        Palliative treatments for cancer can yield important results even if a definitive cure is not possible.
        Palliative care aims to maintain the best possible quality of life at the end of life.

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