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    the history of science has changed and Morocco is the origin of man

    BIBA M barek

    A scientific team has discovered one of the most important scientific discoveries that might have re-examined the history of mankind.

    Foreign and Moroccan researchers have discovered human bones of a more than 3,000-year-old sane man in Mount 'Igud' in the province of Yusufiya.

    In a similar vein, a report by the National Institute of Archeology and Heritage at the Ministry of Culture and Communication said that after a radiological examination to determine age, these bones were the oldest surviving remnant of the human being discovered to this day. To about 100,000 years now. These discoveries are the subject of two articles on June 8, 2017 from Nature.

    These remains were found with the remains of kaleidoscope animals and stone tools made of the flint that was brought to the site.

    In this discovery, the site of Mount Igud can be considered as the oldest and most ancient site of the Middle Stone Age in Africa, which documents the early stages of the development of the wise man.

    In recent decades, scientists believe that the oldest person of this species dates back 200,000 years after the discovery of the remains of this human in the eastern African continent in Ethiopia, yet they continued to search elsewhere in the continent to find other information about the nature and history of this man .
    According to a recent study published by the journal Nature, the oldest trace of a wise man who lived in Morocco, dates back to 300 thousand years ..

    The scientific team was led by Professor Jean-Jacques Hoblin of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, with the participation of Moroccan Professor Abdel Wahed Banasar of the National Institute of Archeology and Heritage in Rabat. The researchers worked on human remains discovered in Morocco in 1961 in an area called "Mount Arhoud" .

    The same scientist returned to the region in 2004 and worked on the same site to develop his research and conduct more excavations. Jack Hoblin said in a statement singled out by the New York Times that the old man is like modern man in many qualities, but his eyebrows were dense and also characterized by a small chin and a flat face and wide.

    At the brain level, the scientific team said that the old human brain differs from the modern human brain, it was not circular, and was completely flat like the brain Hominins or so-called human beings, according to the same newspaper.

    Although this man is about 300,000 years old, this human group has made several tools to defend itself and also to be used in fishing.

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