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    Argan oil is one of the best oils used in cosmetics

                                                                              Argan oil

    Argan tree grains
    Argan oil is known as Moroccan oil and is extracted from Argan tree grains. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, and has many benefits such as insulin resistance prevention and others.
     Benefits of Argan oil for hair
     Argan oil gives many benefits to hair, including the following:

    Used as a natural hair conditioner. Works on smoothing hair and increasing its cohesion. The hair gives both density and length. Helps to promote hair growth. Works on damaged hair treatment. Helps to reduce hair loss. It works to protect the hair from harmful sun rays or so-called supernova rays.

    It nourishes the scalp, which will positively affect the growth of hair and reduce the possibility of exposure to some diseases, such as dermatitis, obstruction of hair follicles and others.

     Helps control the wrinkle of hair and nostrils, so as to contain vitamin E, and some fatty acids, such as: omega-3, omega-9, which helps make it smoother. Helps get rid of the dandruff by massage the scalp with a little of the Argan oil with nice circular movements 3 times a week. It works to add gloss to the hair, giving the hair a healthy and healthy appearance. Helps to get rid of limb hair tips. Helps in the treatment of dry hair. Contributes to moisturizing the scalp and hair.
    Benefits of Argan oil for skin:
    These are some of the benefits that Argan oil gives to the skin:
     It helps to smooth the skin of the body and soften the legs. It moisturizes facial skin, giving it freshness. Works on skin glow when mixed with foundation cream. Helps to delay the appearance of early signs of aging on the face, and get rid of small wrinkles. Helps cure acne. It works to treat scars and reduces the likelihood of infection. Used as a natural alternative to shaving cream. Cleans and moisturizes the skin by rubbing it with a few drops of Argan oil for several seconds and then washing the face thoroughly with lukewarm water.
     Works to soften and moisturize the elbows, knees and foot heel. Works on peeling skin and lips by mixing it with flannel and brown sugar and gently massage the skin during circular movements, and then wash the skin with water to get a smooth skin. Benefits of Argan Oil In general there are several benefits provided by Argan oil for the body, and the following points illustrate some of them: Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease as it lowers blood pressure and works to control cholesterol. Can protect against cancer, such as prostate cancer One study has shown that the components of the oil of the pillars slow down the growth of prostate cancer cells because it contains antioxidants. Reduces the risk of diabetes. It is useful for nails, when mixed with lemon juice. Contributes to the treatment of the symptoms of psoriasis (Psoriasis), such as dryness of the skin and wrinkle because it contains vitamin E.
     Natural recipes are useful for hair
    Oil Argan can benefit from the benefits of Argan oil through the use of several recipes in the house, and the following are some of them: Argan oil This recipe is an alternative to hair balm, and the following points illustrate the extent:
    How to prepare the recipe: Put a few points of Argan oil on dry hair and comb hair with a comb with a wide tooth and leave on hair for 10 minutes and then wash hair with water and shampoo. Argan oil, mint oil and coconut oil This recipe works to get rid of dry hair, and can reduce hair loss, as follows: Ingredients: Amount of Argan oil. Amount of peppermint oil. Amount of coconut oil. Amount of lavender oil.
    How to prepare the recipe: Mix these oils with each other and placed on the hair. This shampoo works naturally to nourish the hair and improve its appearance. Here is its way: Ingredients: A few points of argan oil. shampoo.
     How to prepare the recipe: Put a few points of Argan oil in the special shampoo box and use as usual on the scalp and hair. Repeat washing hair with this natural shampoo once every two days. Argan Oil, Castor Oil and Coconut Milk This recipe promotes hair growth and moisturizing. The following is how to prepare it: Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of Argan oil. A tablespoon of castor oil. Amount of 50-100 ml of coconut milk. How to prepare the recipe: Mix the ingredients together well. Apply the mixture to the hair and scalp. Leave all night and wash the next morning with water and shampoo. Argan Oil and Coconut Oil This recipe works to promote hair growth and solve various hair problems. Here are its ways: Ingredients: 10 points of Argan oil. 2 tablespoons coconut oil. How to prepare the recipe: Mix the oils with each other well. Comb the hair well and put the oil mixture on the scalp and hair as well. The hair is combed again and a plastic cap is attached to it. Leave for 30 minutes then wash hair well.

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